The American Culture Of America In The 1920s

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America in the 1920s
In a decade where Americans prospered and they embraced new ways of thinking and behaving, is now considered one of the most significant eras in history. The 1920s are often referred to as “The Roaring Twenties” because of the vast cultural changes that the U.S. went through shortly after the end of World War I. The decade presented many new aspects to a regular American life with the automobile, movie, radio, and the many other industries that were thriving. These, along with many more industries, were guiding the nation to a new age, since possessions that the public would have only dreamed about at the time were being manufactured right before them. The Roaring Twenties are often known for the advances made in women’s rights, the time brought about drastic changes in the way women were perceived and is somewhat responsible for the progress that has been made thus far. The 1920’s alone steered the direction of our country by influencing culture, racial astriction, and the notability of prohibition. The new wave that the twenties generated along with the rebellious youth, and technological developments, are now considered a crucial event in our history that outlined our future and raised the bar for how far we are able to go. The pop culture of the 1920s brought many new things to the table. For instance, things like Jazz music, movies, and automobiles to name a few, are notorious for their impact on the 1920s. This is what gives the 20s such a unique

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