Schwarzenegger's Interpretation Of The American Dream

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The American Dream
1. Give an outline of how the American Dream is interpreted in text 2, 3 and 4.
The American Dream is something most people want to obtain. Many people travel from all over the world to America to get a chance to obtain the American Dream. In text two, the American Dream is interpreted from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal experience. He claims that the American Dream is not only about receiving what America has to offer, such as wealth and status as many people thinks, but also what the people who is pursuing the American Dream has to offer and give back to America.
In text three, we hear about how the American Dream is like in past few years and what kind of negative affects it have on Earth. It is harder for people to obtain wealth now more than ever, due to the bad economy. Earth suffers from all the CO2 we releases from our luxurious cars and soon we will run out of resources. Another downside to the American Dream mentioned in the text is the small amount of time families spent together due to the many hours we work in a day. All this cause more and more people to speculate whether the American Dream is still alive.
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The first text is from the Library of Congress, which usually means that the language in the text is more formal and complex than other texts. The tone in the text is neutral and serious. The text is like an encyclopedia, which means the text must be factual and informative, but at the same time objective. That make text one completely opposite of text two, which is an autobiography by Arnold Schwarzenegger. His intension with text two is to motivate other immigrants to give back to America, which makes his language simple and less formal than the first text. He speaks directly to the readers, which makes his language colloquial, emotional and personal. Since the text is based on his personal opinion and encouragement, the tone is subjective and
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