What Is The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream. What is it? Till I was assigned this essay, I brushed the thought of The American Dream under the rug. Nevertheless, I have forgotten all about it. The readings from the They Say I Say book, the infographic and listening to the podcast was very informational. Though it did take more effort at first to sit down and absorb the information that I was reading because at first I wasn 't that interested in learning The American Dream. I think in Brandon King 's "The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?". He Had very strong points that I can stand behind. I know now as an adult I should start thinking about my dream but, I just never really though I need the dream. I do agree that there is a dream and that people can achieve it but, I think for me I don 't need the dream.
Now, with the essay done, I can finally breath because this paper found all my weakness and I really struggle to try to get all my thoughts on to paper. I definitely hit my braking point many time while writing this paper, It wasn 't hard to say that yes, no, maybe, that The American Dream is still alive today. I was incredibly frustrated at myself many times trying to put my thoughts on to paper. I wanted to make sure that my point got across but, I had to settle with what I had
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I probably spent 216 hour attempting to write this paper. I defiantly had plenty of time to finish the drift and the revised version. With as much time I 've had I feel that I didn 't fulfill all that the paper needs and what it was asking for. Definitely for a note to self, I should have seek out for more help from peers and staff of Century College. Tara was a huge help with showing me how at fix my work cited and what I was doing wrong on the They Say I Say templates. Though I dislike having people read my papers, I find It very helpful because they see the mistakes that I make and that I cant see. I did learn that I can 't stress myself out while trying to write a paper because it will get me
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