The American Dream Dead Alive Jon King Analysis

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In Brandon King’s article “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or, on Hold?” he argues that the American Dream is not dead as some would believe. He claims that as long as the average individual American is hard working, saving money, and believes that they have a chance to becoming better off than they are today then, the American Dream will never die. I believe that it has become harder to achieve. King is right that in hard work and having faith that you can achieve beyond your limits are all great foundations keeping the American Dream alive but, there are other factors outside of an individual’s control that we must consider. One of the factors as to why this dream is getting harder to reach is while they rarely admit as much; many Americans…show more content…
In the great scheme of things yes the American Dream is alive but, with the way our social system is constructed and if it continues this way then the American Dream will become ever harder to reach.
When it comes to living wages (earned income from which a worker and his/her family can live off of.) Americans are stuck working long hours at jobs that do not pay nearly enough to support a comfortable lifestyle. One of Brandon King’s (2015) points in his article to achieving the dream is to “save for the future” (p.612). Now I agree with King up to a point, that saving for the future is a good plan for trying to accomplish the American Dream. However, I cannot accept that by doing that will guarantee an individual a pathway to a better life.
Reason being, there are a wide majority of Americans who (even in high middle class families) are simply unable to save for their future due to, high mortgage rates, car insurance, medical bills and some are just too far into debt from all of these factors to even consider any long
AMERICAN DREAM: ALIVE BUT HARD TO REACH 4 term saving. Even with the unemployment rates down and, the job market on the rise. Those
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