The American Dream Documentary Analysis

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In the video, we can appreciate different realities that these people have to face every day, it might not be very different from our own reality but it is indeed a more challenging one. There are many families in the U.S. struggling each day, working to have a better life, to achieve “The American Dream”, but these particular families that life in Detroit and Oakland have more difficulties than most people. Their health is deteriorating by extreme pollution causing them asthma since an early age. Obesity is a major problem that is cause by the consumption of cheap food that they can only afford. Crime and Vandalism is part of their daily lives. All these issues are being addressed by the community but even if most of the problems are solve,…show more content…
Most of the members of a family suffer from asthma and in some families all the members have problems to breath properly. They mention in the video that these families probably have fifteen years less in life expectancy than a family that lives on the hills. They have a saying in the community: "Tell me where you live and I would tell you how long you will live". That means they have made a joke about this sad situation or even worse they have accepted it. Other great problem is obesity. In the video they mention that most of the people blame the sick person for their own obesity and it is part of their fault, but sometimes they cannot help it. They do not have enough money to buy healthy food and in some places like Oakland there are not supermarkets that sell healthy food. These people were born poor and they want to overcome it, but instead of receiving help they are receiving…show more content…
I was visiting a friend there last year and I could not believe that place was part of America. Abandoned buildings everywhere, houses that were set on fire, you could feel the loneliness of that place. It was devastating to see how the country forget these people that live in Detroit and leave them in their misery. Crime is the main problem. People live with fear, gangs burn abandoned houses when they want to, even when people are living next to those houses. In the video they mention that they found dead bodies under bridges every month and besides crime and poverty they mention that pollution is affecting their children. There are many trucks going or coming from Canada and the burn of the diesel is polluting the air. Kid breath three times faster than adults and these contaminating air is deteriorating their health. But still people would not give up and they want to make this city great again like it was before. They refuse to be defeated. I remember seeing a park that was transform in an artwork. The artist colored the walls and streets and made sculptures with everything he could find. He wanted to give people a moment to forget about their situation and

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