The American Dream Essay: The Road To The American Dream

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Road To The American Dream Everyone has their own personal definition of the American Dream. It may involve a nice home and family, or just focusing on having a roof over your head and a meal on your plate. Tommy Hilfiger once said, “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive, and passion, it 's possible to achieve the American Dream.” It can be difficult to think of a definition of what the American Dream is, but that 's what you and every individual has to decide for their own well being. Everyone is different, and that affects what exactly the American Dream means to them. Of course everyone in the world will always wants some things such as a nice vacation, a stable relationship, and to just by healthy mentally and physically. Somethings in life you absolutely need to survive such as money, a career, a good education, and just a place to protect you and to call home. The needs and wants of someone can definitely vary from wanting a big family full of kids to just wanting to have shelter and money to survive. Money is a huge part of life, in fact one of the most important necessities throughout life. People may think differently about money saying that it 's not necessary and that it does not make your life any easier. In that case, Barack Obama says, “Money is not the only answer, but it does make a difference.” Money can definitely make someone 's life much easier for them, but is it really that important? One day walking in the park, you

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