The Road To The American Dream

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Road To The American Dream Everyone has their own personal definition of the American Dream. It may involve a nice home and family, or just focusing on having a roof over your head and a meal on your plate. Tommy Hilfiger once said, “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive, and passion, it 's possible to achieve the American Dream.” It can be difficult to think of a definition of what the American Dream is, but that 's what you and every individual has to decide for their own well being. Everyone is different, and that affects what exactly the American Dream means to them. Of course everyone in the world will always wants some things such as a nice vacation, a stable relationship, and to just by healthy mentally…show more content…
Besides of both money and education, how would you get both of those things if you don 't have a good education? If you ask most children and teenagers about school, you might get a response similar to, “I hate school so much.” It 's not too surprising coming for kids but schools are a huge importance for everyone 's future. Education is pretty much where your life starts. Think of it as when you were a 2 year old. You did nothing but run around and eat. Once you started going to pre-school, you learned how to talk better and you learn more skills such as communication. Schools such as trade schools get you ready for the workforce. Education allows you to get a job and maintain it much easier than if you barely knew what you were doing. According to George Washington Carver, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of education.” Concluding, school and education definitely impacted the world in a great way. The definition of the American Dream will definitely vary seeing that we are all different people with our own personality and our own wants.Whether if you feel like you need money, other people may disagree and say that they just want to get away from everyone and every responsibility. On the other hand, one person may feel like they need money, a career, and a good education. Those elements will make you succeed and survive throughout life. Consider listing what you need and what you want, this will help you decide what you want your American Dream to
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