The American Dream

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Immigration and The American Dream Immigrants from the mid 19th century and early 20th century consisted of mainly Southern and Eastern Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. Immigrants motivations, experiences, and impacts shaped what an immigrant had to go through being a different person from another country. Although Americans dislike foreigners who came to the United States, immigrants had a role in political, economic, cultural, and social aspects of immigrants because of their motivations, experiences, and impacts in America. New Immigrants did not have it easy and went through obstacles natives, political figures, bosses and others had thrown at them. First, Immigrants migrated with the idea of the united States having a better life for them. Document D gives us an idea of the benefits an immigrant believed were true. The idea of no oppressive taxes, no kings, no compulsory military service, and no dungeons gave relief. All the troubles from their homelands would not be present in the Land of Opportunity. Taking a chance for a better life was the only option left. The Ark, like Noah 's, could hold many refugees and the light side of this cartoon repented how eteer things were about to get once they arrived to America; or so they believed. Trouble started once they had arrived. Second, Immigrants did not have an easy trip when arriving to the United States. Europeans entered from the North East at Ellis Island. Documents A gives us a glimpse into the thoughts of an
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