The American Dream

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Throughout the course of recorded history people have always had ambitions of living a safe and secure life free from excessive control. The discovery and expansion of America created a melting pot for people from all over to immigrate and begin new lives. The people migrating to America dreamed of a new beginning and a flourishing lifestyle, driven by hard work and dedication. The American dream can be accomplished through perseverance and hard work to achieve our goals; and the strong sense of community to increase the well-being of everyone, not just oneself. In Alexis de Tocqueville’s, That the Americans Combat the Effects of Individualism by Free Institutions, it is made clear that the American dream can be accomplished by oneself through hard work. This does not mean that our dreams are not made easier through the help of other men trying to accomplish the same goals. “Men learn at such times to think of their fellow men from ambitious motives; and they frequently find it, in a manner, their interest to forget themselves”. The fastest way to reach the common man’s American dream is to learn how to be selfless and work together with others to accomplish a task quickly and efficiently. If the entire community develops with a strong sense of togetherness it becomes easier to set the foundation for achieving the average man’s American dream. “It is difficult to draw a man out of his own circle to interest him in the destiny of the state, because he does not clearly
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