Failure Of The American Dream

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America Has A Dream A news poll states that only fifty percent of people believe the American Dream is still possible, forty-three percent said that it had been true at one point, and the last four percent believed that the dream never existed (Rodriguez). Because the results of this poll are so low, it shows how much the dream has decreased and how it will continue to do so. Another poll states that ninety percent of children from the 1940’s surpassed their parents with their incomes, while only forty percent of children have exceeded their parents from the 1980s (Graham). This survey is another example of how the dream has declined since in recent years. Some traditional aspects of the American Dream are to own a home, have a good education,…show more content…
One man who worked vigorously to acquire his dream was Martin Luther King Jr. His dream was for equality to every citizen and with all of his hard work, it paid off (Meacham). The beliefs of the American Dream vary from group to group; person to person (Rodriguez). For instance, whites are less likely to believe in the American Dream than non-whites. New people coming into the country see their life here as the American Dream. However for the people who have been here longer, think of the dream more related to wealth than the traditional values (Rosenfeild). For example, the economically disadvantaged may just want the things that are necessary, such as a decent home, any mode of transportation, and a better education for themselves and their children. However, the economically advantaged want more than what is necessary, for example, more than one nice car, a bigger house than what they need, and more money than they could possibly ever use. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are two of many who believe they have achieved the American Dream and show that it still exists today. Both were sons of alcoholic middle-class men but eventually through hard work, became two important people in the course of history (Meacham). Another example of the American dream at work is with the article,“On Luck and the American Dream”, where Collin…show more content…
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