The American Dream: Illegal Immigrants

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Liam Lynch Mr. Ryan English III--Research 26 August 2016 The American Dream Republican nominee Donald Trump is receiving criticism for his stance on illegal immigration, and although the criticism may be in good faith, perhaps the statements being made are true. In 2014, there were 8.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. labor force, potentially taking jobs from work seeking Americans (Rivera-Batiz 485). There may be a chance at truth that minorities are not beneficial for America. The American Dream is in jeopardy for millions because illegal immigrants are drawing benefits from welfare, participating in criminal activities, and lowering wages by taking jobs. The American Dream first set in around 1931 where it was described as a better…show more content…
Believe it or not, but there are nearly 9 million illegal immigrants in the U.S, workforce. Although some may argue that this is a positive of immigration, it is certainly a negative. In fact, 43 percent of Americans seeking jobs cannot find jobs (Cox). This is largely in part due to the nearly 9 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. workforce. Many Americans can not find work anymore with illegal immigrant occupying otherwise vacant jobs, As well as this, the involvement of illegal immigrants in the workplace can often turn potential employees away from a job. Illegal immigrants can accomplish this due to causing a hostile work environment, or just general confusion. The American Dream is also hindered in the fact that teenagers are no longer seeking as many teenage jobs, which may have been influenced by illegal immigrants in the workforce. Teenagers with part time jobs have dropped around 7% since the 1990’s, and although it could be due to the inclination of our society and culture, illegal immigrants are certainly a factor in why teenages are getting less jobs now than they did…show more content…
B. Illegal immigrants agree to work for less. 1. It’s no shocker that illegal immigrants don’t have to abide by U.S. labor laws. In fact, without them even being accounted for, they can and have been shown to work for as little as 6$ an hour. 2. The fact that illegal immigrants agree to work for less means putting hard working, American employed businesses out of operation. For example, a company that hires only illegal immigrants and builds houses can pay their workers less, and therefore sell the house for less and still make the same profit as a business that has to abide by the law and pay their workers a just wage. This process takes customers and profit away from the second business. 3. When illegal immigrants work for less, it take jobs away from our youth. It’s only logic: hire the person who wants to work for less. Unfortunately, this will certainly take jobs away from youth, and that will lead to a decrease in the benefits of teenage jobs. V: Conclusion Minority privileges are ruining the American Dream by using welfare, committing crimes, and taking
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