The Stock Market Collapse In The 1920's

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Many people saw the United States as the land of opportunity, a place where anyone wherever they came from, or whatever their background, could make a success of their lives. The question, explain how and why the economy collapsed when the stock market crashed during the period of 1920-1929(the roaring 20’s).
The economic system in the 20th century world was capitalism. The 1920’s were a time of economic boom in the USA, hence the America Dream quote in source A, in which there was little government interference in the economy as possible, lower taxes, weak trade unions and high customs duties on imported goods. At that time in America one could make pots of money in a short time.
The United States of America (USA), was the world’s leading capitalist nation in the 1920’s, but however, in 1929 there was a major crisis when share prices on the New York stock exchange in Wall
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People were unable to pay their mortgage bonds and were evicted out of their own homes. Many ended up homeless or lived in shanty houses which is shown in source F (known as Hoover villes). Many tried to look for jobs as shown in source D, but needed the government’s assistants to get the jobs.
It shows how people viewed the their own points of view of the dream( source J), it also shows that the American Dream was over and the government now needed to intervene in order to restore the economy to where it was, at times the government tried to restore the economy but failed as the problem was too massive.
In conclusion the USA slowly recovered from the Great Depression, as it also affected other countries parts of the world that were linked to the capitalist system. The economy came back to its feet after the new deals policies which were implemented by the next
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