The American Dream In A Lesley Tenorio's Monstress

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People from all over the world come to America for the American dream. Once coming here they start to adopt the so-called American culture. The perfect family of four and having a white picket fence is depicted. We’re filled with hope that coming to the land of freedom will elevate the problem we had before. We will have more opportunities and ways in which to better ourselves and succeed. We can build ourselves from the bottom up. If we were to take a step back and think about the concept of American dream. Would we still say it is attainable? In the book, Monstress written by a Lesley Tenorio, are three short stories that show how the American dream is not what it once was thought to be. The first story "Monstress" demonstrates how a couple from Manila come to the U.S.A to…show more content…
Living in America is like a melting pot at least that is what people say. Many believe that they can be their true selves and be accepted for who they have become. Unfortunately, America is accepting of many different cultures and customs, but people still cannot accept others for who they truly are. Living the American dream expect us to have a family and raise them to be well-rounded people. In the story "The Brothers" Tenorio shows us that even our family cannot be accepting. As Ma is trying to prepare Eric for the open casket "she stands up straight, wipes her eyes, breathes in deep, and pulls several rolls of ACE bandages from her purse.” (Tenorio 48). The mother does not want to reveal the secret she has been hiding for years. Her son has changed and became a woman and is trying to hide her breast with a bandage so people can see him for who she wants them to see him as. The scene shows us that the American dream is not as simple as people say it is. When coming to America, we think we can express ourselves and be accepted for who we are. The world is constantly evolving and even though we are starting to accept cultural differences people still judge because it is not the social

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