The American Dream In Adam Brown's Fearless

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In the Book “Fearless” Adam Brown is the main character and grows from a young boy who loves to do crazy out of the blue stunts to one of the top and most trained SEALS in the United States. ADam Brown Achieved his American Dream but probably not the way he wanted to. Adam went through a “Dark” time in his life that ultimately got him to became the best of the best. This is how his story when and how even if it was hard he still got to achieve the dream he longed for. From the “Dark” times, to the pain he went through, and finally the end of his journey.
In adam’s life time he had many troubling times that made it hard for him to even start his American dream. Even if when he was in high school he had a good character and was a team leader not going down for even a second and kept pushing forward even when the odds are against him like when he was a sophomore in school going into the drill “Bloody Alley” and taking on a kid at least twice his size. It was only after high school did he start to go down the wrong path. In this time he would go to college and would ultimately drop out because he didn't know what he wanted to do. It was during his college life and past that also did he get into heavy drugs. He would disappear at random times on end and would never say when he would show up or leave. He
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Adam was a known for always giving it his all and never slowing down. Adam had many awards and many achievements in his career as a navy SEAL but he was only shooting for one thing and that is he “ American Dream” on the mission that was supposed to be his last he died. He was a great soldier, friend, and even better father. The day that adam died he was a hero. He always did what was right and if the situation was right he would then “flip a switch” and would be a different person. Many people came to see is funeral and thank him for his service. He died doing what he loved to and helping his country. This was his “American
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