The American Dream In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman And Fences

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The two plays Death of a Salesman and Fences are both very similar. both plays take place in American cities. This is post WW2 era and both families are facing the struggle of the “American Dream.” In each play the families deal with the disappointments of life during this time period. Willy Loman is the father figure in the play Death of a Salesman. He is a salesman with big dreams for himself and his two sons. Happy and Biff are expected to follow in their father’s footsteps and be salesman. Biff and Willy kind of butt heads around this idea. Biff knows he can’t fulfill his dad’s dreams for him and Willy won’t take no for an answer. Willy suffers disappointment from his job and hopes Biff can outshine him. Biff struggles with growing up in a era different from his father. In Fences Troy Maxson is the Father figure of the family. Troy is a garbage collector set in the same post WW2 era. His son Cory is deeply affected by the actions of his father and their relationship definitely has its flaws. Cory is struggling with money and employment, while his father has one…show more content…
Cory and Biff both played football in high school. Different reasons stopped them from playing but they both had to end their careers leaving themselves and families with disappointment. Biff and Cory are both left with feelings of sadness as they cannot continue their athletic careers. Both sons in Fences and Death of a Salesman are profoundly affected by the actions of their fathers. When the father is upset with their sons it really affects how they go about their day that day. Specifically from Death of a Salesman the night Biff and Happy are supposed to eat dinner with Willy. When Willy didn’t show up Biff was frantic and went home to find him. Willy was out in the garden. Biff went out to talk to him, then started a huge fight. In Fences Cory gets upset with his father’s actions and decisions. He was very hurt when his father cheated on his
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