The Great Gatsby And The American Dream

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The American Dream, many people come to America to obtain it. Some gain it through illegal methods and some of the actual struggle of having nothing and striving for the success and money. The American Dream is just an idea or lifestyle, no one really gains it, they might get the money but won’t be happy. The American Dream is a myth, a lie. People might gain the money and success but will not have the family, love, respect. Something will go wrong in life and make the person unhappy or they will never find real love because of the status of money the person has. The American Dream is not absolutely perfect, it has flaws in it. Trying to win over somebody’s love with your money is like buying it. Therefore, they will only love you…show more content…
Fitzgerald uses the acts of his characters to show examples of why he does not believe in The American Dream. He believes that people bend the rules to achieve it, that it comes through illegal actions, for people to gain the money, power, respect. Gatsby the main character of the novel gains his money through bootlegging, which is selling alcohol illegally. Gatsby does it all to get the girl he loves so much, but the narrator Nick believes that Daisy is not good enough for Gatsby. Fitzgerald uses that as an example of how people do illegal things to conquer The American Dream with Gatsby dedicating himself to becoming a rich man to get Daisy, but daisy does not really love Gatsby but only that he is a successful man with money. Fitzgerald writes a scene in the book in which Tom the husband of Daisy finds out about her affair so he decides to get information on her lover and exposes him on how he got his money. Daisy gets upset and goes on to Tom’s side and says it was not true that she did not love Tom. The example shows that even after having it all it can still all collapse at the…show more content…
The American Dream can cause men to do things just for the image. They will be with a girl who has it all, who every man wants so they can keep an image that their life is perfect. Fitzgerald uses an example of it with the characters Myrtle and George Wilson. Myrtle wants Tom for his money and success, she says George is too poor, the author does not believe anyone can achieve the dream because it is not real, that it is an illusion to people. Fitzgerald describes the lives of the characters as if they have the perfect life, but also describes the flaws of them, the happiness problems, the love problems. Leading up to the end of the novel Gatsby realizes the flaws as well, he no longer sees the dream because of the reality wake up call for daisy, he figures out she is not worth it, but gets punished with a major consequence, he gets killed by George because he thinks that the person that killed his wife Myrtle was the person to hit her because the owner of the car was Gatsby but Daisy was the one to hit Myrtle. Fitzgerald fills the story with examples of how it does not serve Americans
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