Hector Tobar's Translation Nation

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“Translation Nation” In the book, Translation Nation, Hector Tobar shows us the hard experiences that Latino immigrants face in the U.S. while pursuing the American Dream. Tobar traveled through some cities in this country visiting individuals and communities to gather those experiences. Through the stories of many people, including himself as son of Guatemalan immigrants, he allows us to see situations as for example, racisms, bad job conditions, and poverty among this ethnic group. The difficulties that Latino Immigrant face, as for example, the case of a group of neighbors in Maywood, California who were mocked because their accent when speaking English reminds me of similar situations that I have also face as an immigrant from México. Tobar also presents the very different experiences and decisions of two brothers who came to the U.S looking for better opportunities of life, and the way how each one considers their lives in this new country. The story about these brothers was significant to me because it made me reflect on how, like these brothers, when an entire…show more content…
That transforms it aspirant and in turn of transforming by immigrant across the border. Tobar is more preoccupied with the border than the desire. When Tobar was a young boy, he imagined of resemblance to Lakers basketball star, then revered Che, for his parent and the other Latinos who hold on their imaginations was mythological. Tobar was increasing pulled into the rest of his family and Che became a more complicated symbol of the oppressive immigrant pass of America at the promises and betrayed. Tobar defines being an American not in term of what it means, but what it does not. Tobar informs the book by telling stories of many immigrants moving to America with a hope of a better future for their families; good education and also the good life instead of suffering every
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