The American Dream In Homer Hickam's The Pact

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What is the American Dream? The American Dream means something different to different people, but either way you have to make have decisions that could change the way you go about reaching your American Dream. In the books based on true events, October Sky by Homer Hickam and The Pact by Dr. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt, represent what it is to make decisions to reach your dream. The books start with what started there interest in being a doctor or building a rocket. To make those things happen all of the characters had to make hard decisions to get to the place they are or were today. The first events in the books were about what inspired the characters to build a rocket or become a doctor. In October Sky Sonny, the main character, realized that he wanted to build a rocket. His dream came about when Sputnik flew across the sky this event inspired him to build a rocket with his friends
(Hickam 41). He made a personal decision that changed his life forever. In The Pact, George was at the dentist and was inspired by the doctor who was cleaning his teeth. Once George knew he was set on becoming a dentist. This was the start of him trying to become a doctor and he encouraged his friends to do there best and to strive to become
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The only reason he did that was because he thought it was the right thing to do. His dad got injured while in the mines, therefore Sonny made the decision to take over while his dad healed. He later realized that he loved trying to build a rocket and went back to doing what he loved most. In The Pact the boys were surrounded by a bunch of people who didn’t do the right thing and that did drugs. Because of those people the boys had a hard time making sure that they stayed out of trouble. These boys were raised in communities that pressured them into doing the wrong thing so they had to make decisions that benefit
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