The American Dream In James Adams's The Epic Of America

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The American Dream, are three words that I started hearing about since I reached the United States for the first time. I did not know at the time what it’s really mean. I thought it only meant to be successful in the United States, and that you will have a higher chance to be successful in the United States than in another country. Now, after four years, this essay made me research about its real meaning. James Adams wrote a book called “The Epic of America”, in it he sow The American Dream as “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” My first thoughts about The American Dream had an Impact on my identity and the person that I am today. Knowing that I have a higher chance for success in the United States, helped plan for the future and study more than I usually do. The knowledge of having a higher chances to be successful in the United States more than anywhere in the world, made me value this opportunity a lot. Success is that goal that everybody in world seek, so I am not letting this opportunity slip by. I asked Garrett Gassman about The American Dream, and what it meant to him, and I have got a very interesting answers that I will share later. The definition of The American Dream may change a bit through time, but it will always be about success.

After researching about The American Dream, my definition change a bit. I believe it means that every person have

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