The American Dream In James Truslow Adams's The Epic Of America

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The American Dream. It is extravagant, and most individuals strive for this lifestyle. But what exactly is it? Well, a popular historian by the name of James Truslow Adams discussed what the actual definition is in his novel, The Epic of America. He states that this dream is the ideal life for any citizen to be given equal opportunity to become successful through hard work and great determination. But is that true? Can everyone achieve this dream? I strongly feel that the population with epilepsy struggle with achieving the American Dream. They must go through their daily life, without knowing if they are safe from the world or worst themself. I feel these individuals, struggle and face many different obstacles in their life that others do…show more content…
In this process a patient will have a seizure, an uncontrolled electrical disturbance to the brain. It can cause changes in your behavior, mood, movement, or even unconsciousness. But it is different for each person who is diagnosed with a different form of epilepsy. Some may be drastic while others are minor, but both affect an individual 's mental health grealty. Making them question life, with all the medicals fees, medications, and fear of overall losing their life. Even though many people of the world do not know and understand what exactly epilepsy is, it actually has a very long past in history. For instance, epilepsy was seen as sacred disease, a source of fascination, and a fear; many cultures viewed it as a form of possession by the devil. In the New Testament, Jesus cures a boy with seizures by casting out the demons that have taken over him (“Seized”). Epilepsy has been in the shadows of the world both misunderstood and understudied. For it affects people more than brain tumors, parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy combined. Not too long ago in the year of 1974, U.S laws forbid Americans with epilepsy to get married (“Seized”). This population is often forgotten in our busy society, because

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