The American Dream In 'Let At America Be America Again'

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The American dream is a dream that America is the land of freedom and economic opportunity for all. Yet, America does not provide the American Dream to the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses all because the poor never get the same opportunity, nor reward, or rest. The poor service the rich, well rested, and greedy who excel in success of business, in order to survive.

The poor are simply not aided enough about by the United States government. In the documented story, “Ellis Island: New York Harbor”, when it can be inferred that the immigrants are suddenly facing reality as they arrive and gain right of passage from the island to follow what they believe is the American Dream. First, they are examined to confirm that they aren't infected
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In “Let at America be America Again”, also by Langston Hughes, there are the poor white, and the slave blacks, and the immigrants as well. They were taken advantage of simply because they were not famous nor white, therefor they had no access to the American dream. The citizens without high social status must work hard in order to survive and live a decent life. They must work long hours at a job that may not have been their dream. They must service the rich in order to keep those same jobs that they have because their American dream never came true. One might say that they’ve sacrificed their dream for the benefit of others who have achieved theirs. They become the workers that are overlooked or the poor man that is often forgotten. Also such as in “Dream Deferred”, By Langston Hughes, their dreams have withered up and died, they given up hope and lose focus on their dream so they just settle. They now see that the American dream was not there for them and they are forced to work jobs that don’t pay well. Sometimes it’s circumstantial, and the hardest workers fall off and they never get a chance to regain their progress but the dream is not for

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