The American Dream In Mr. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a story about the American dream and the people that lived it and those who pursued it. The story consists of the very rich, Tom and Daisy Buchannan, who inherited their wealth and lived in east egg. In the west egg lived, Mr. Gatsby, who it was rumored to have made his money in bootlegging. Also in west egg there was our narrator, Nick Carraway, who moved from the Middle West to learn the bond business. This was very popular at the time, early 1920’s, when the American dream of becoming rich seemed more attainable then it ever had before. Nick had found a small house for eighty dollars a month in west egg. His father had agreed to finance him for a year to help him get started. Nick had just recently returned from serving in the Great War. Nick felt that life was beginning over again. He bought a dozen volumes on banking and credit and investments to help him get started. He had been rather literary in college and was excited to get to this. Daisy Buchannan, Tom Buchannan wife, was Nick’s second cousin once removed. They had not been close but Nick described her as having a charming demeanor and having a trilling voice. Tom and Daisy have a three year old daughter. Shortly after moving into west egg Nick went to visit Daisy and Tom and have dinner. While alone with Nick, Daisy told…show more content…
Wilson and Mrs. Wilson also known as George and Myrtle Wilson, live in the working class town of ash valley. Unlike the Buchannans, George and Myrtle had to work for their money, George runs a car garage and unknown to all except Nick, Myrtle and Tom are cheating on George and daisy. The American dream of becoming rich did not matter to George because he was happy with his job and he loved his wife, but for Myrtle when she was asked why she had married Mr. Wilson, Myrtle replied, ”I Married him because I thought he was a gentleman. I thought he knew something about breeding, but he wasn’t fit to lick my shoe.”(p.34). she felt like she had married below

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