Book Report The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a story about the American dream and the people that lived it and those who pursued it. The story consists of the very rich, Tom and Daisy Buchannan, who inherited their wealth and lived in east egg. In the west egg lived, Mr. Gatsby, who it was rumored to have made his money in bootlegging. Also in west egg there was our narrator, Nick Carraway, who moved from the Middle West to learn the bond business. This was very popular at the time, early 1920’s, when the American dream of becoming rich seemed more attainable then it ever had before.
Nick had found a small house for eighty dollars a month in west egg. His father had agreed to finance him for a year to help him get started. Nick had just recently returned from serving
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Gatsby has been in love with Daisy since he had first meat her but he never got to marry her because he went off to war. When he got back she had married Tom. Gatsby goes to great lengths to get Daisy to fall for him again. He had Nick invite her to Gatsby’s mansion for tea. He invited her to one of his partys, but nothing worked, because Daisy would never give up her life with Tom and her daughter. But mostly she wouldn’t give up her way of life with old money and Gatsby was not old money he was new money. The American dream for Gatsby is not just becoming rich, he want to get Daisy back, which makes his version of the dream…show more content…
But Daisy finally said “I did love him once, but I loved you too.” This was hard for Gatsby grasp. Tom finally told daisy for her and Gatsby to leave and go home (p.132). They left in the big yellow car. Having found out about his wife’s affair with Tom Mr. Wilson locked her in her room. But she managed to get out, and seeing the yellow car coming down the street ran out to stop it. She thought Tom was in it as she had seen him in it earlier, but it was not Tom, it was Daisy, and she was so distracted she didn’t see Myrtle and hit and killed her. In the end, chasing materialism, like seeing Tom, whom she knew was rich, and also married brought about her end. George Wilson, despondent with his wife’s death becomes irrational. He travels to west egg and Gatsby’s mansion. Gatsby has decided to use his pool as the gardener is getting ready to close it for the season and he has never used it. Wilson finds him floating on an air mattress and shoots and kills him. Then feeling he has nothing left to live for he kills himself. In The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald suggests that the American Dream is in decline and the characters that pursue it usually become corrupted. And in the end corruption starts to fill
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