The American Dream In My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Throughout history, Americans stand up for what is right and embrace individualism. Families rally around individuals in their pursuits of happiness. The family can be an actual blood related family or a community that acts like a family. American families in literature, film, and history have shown to support a family member in their pursuit of the American Dream. In the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula pursues her belief that she can have a relationship with Ian even though he is not Greek and her father disapproves. This is a reflection of the American Dream; the dream that one can do what they want, believe in what they want, and act on those beliefs. Toula’s family is loud, large, and strict in the belief that Greeks marry Greeks. Toula and all the other women in her family are expected to marry a Greek man, produce many Greek babies, and cook Greek food. Toula wants more than what her father and the rest of her family want for her. She wants to be able to marry who she wants and to have a life of her own. Toula later meets Ian Miller, a nice and handsome man that she instantly connects with. The only problem is that Ian isn’t Greek. In the scene where Ian meets Toula’s father, Ian clearly asks if he may date his daughter. Toula’s father thinks it over for a second before shouting “No!” Ian storms out and Toula continues to date him…show more content…
However, writing was considered a manly thing to do at the time. This is also a reflection of the American Dream because Jo does what she loves and what she wants. Women were expected to marry, have kids, and stay at home to run the household. Jo was repulsed by the idea of marrying, staying home and not doing what she loved. Her family supported her by performing her plays and respecting her decision to pursue her writing career. Jo ends up supporting her family through the money she earns from her writings and doing what she loves.
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