The American Dream In The 1950s

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Alejandra Nolasco
Honors United States II
White Day 5/7
5 February, 2017
The 1950s During the 1950s, people were living the American Dream. After World War II military soldiers returned home to start families. Couples and spouses were reunited and were overwhelmed with excitement. As a result, many babies were being born known as the baby boomers. Advertisements got a hold of the public as a result business sales skyrocketed. There were bigger families and more children. The population increased dramatically. Families started to transition to suburban living. There was also an introduction to a variety of automobile styles to choose from. In addition, there were a number of people holding white-collar office jobs. The blue-collar labor jobs started to decrease. Religion also started to influence Americans, television, and film. Not to mention gender roles were far from similar. The mass media influenced family roles through television shows, films, advertisements, and magazines. The ideal modern woman was the perfect housewife who cooked, cleaned, and took care of her family. On the other hand, the ideal modern man was the bread winner of the his family. America flourished in the 1950s because of the consumer demand, families moving from cities to the suburbs, and television formed allowed the public to view presidential candidates and government officials.
America flourished in the 1950s because of the consumer demand. The nation was eager to starting
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