Causes Of Failure In The Great Gatsby

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Gatsby attempted to change who he was to impress Daisy Buchanan and her family, but at the end of the day, it still wasn’t good enough. If you spend your entire life attempting to be something, and no one cares, is it meaningless? What was Gatsby’s purpose in life if he did win Daisy back and was unable to move forward. At the beginning of Gatsby’s funeral, nobody showed but nick and a few others. This just shows how much of a failure he was at the end of the day. In the novel The Great Gatsby, considered one of the greatest “American Novels,” you see nearly every character experience some sort of failure. Throughout James Gatsby’s quest to achieve the “American Dream,” he faced numerous obstacles which brought to light some of the problems…show more content…
Nearing adulthood, he changed his name from James Gatz due to being ashamed of his parents and their appearance. The insecurities he faced were a huge component in the Great Gatsby. In chapter six, Nick says “I suppose he 'd had the name ready for a long time, even then. His parents were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people—his imagination had never really accepted them as his parents at all.” This is talking about his rejection to a mundane farm life. He felt like he was better than that, not accepting the people that birthed and raised him. He felt like he was better than that, not accepting the people that birthed and raised him. When Daisy’s family looked at Gatz, he wasn’t good enough. While Daisy liked him for who he was, in the eyes of others, he was a nobody, just like his parents. So he created a persona, one that could potentially win them over. Gatsby was insecure about himself and upbringing from an early aged, and felt he needed to change to win her back and prove himself to her family. Yet, when we wasn’t willing to admit she had never loved Tom, this made him even more insecure, because the “New James Gatz” still wasn’t
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