The Great Gatsby Failure

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“Neither a rich man or a poor man gets to enjoy his money. One is too busy trying to hold on to it, and the other is too busy trying to get it.” (Linda Poindexter). This quote couldn 't be more true, and is a great representation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. In fact, this fits the character of Gatsby very well. In the book it is revealed that Gatsby had many troubles and hardships throughout his life. He grew up a poor child and then ran away to work for a man named Dan Cody. Dan Cody became like a father figure to Gatsby, however, Cody would eventually die and his wife would steal all the inheritance that would have been given to Gatsby. Gatsby leaves for the army, but before he leaves, he meets Daisy the love of his life. Eventually,…show more content…
Fitzgerald uses The Great Gatsby to say that the American Dream is never truly attainable as there are always going to be unintended ups and downs, as seen through Gatsby’s failures and shortcomings.
Throughout the book, many characters say that Gatsby was a charming and dashing person, but most of all, a mysterious one, these are the qualities that often attract an American woman. Therefore, it is quite surprising that a person like Gatsby, who possess these qualities, is unsuccessful in obtaining true love, showing the limitations of the American Dream. Gatsby was determined that Daisy was the love of his life. Their relationship started before Gatsby went to war, yet would become complicated when Gatsby stays away for a long time; Gatsby’s reasoning was that he wanted to become rich enough to support Daisy so they can be together forever. The two distant lovers were faithful at first,as they wrote letters to each other yet would become impersonal as Daisy would eventually break their promise by finding and marrying Tom Buchanan. This shows that
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Fitzgerald is trying to say is that while Gatsby was forced to be social, he had very few real friends, showing a limitation of the perusal of the American Dream. Specifically, this shows how the American Dream can be quite deceiving, as those who look like they have everything, still have some problems, such as being lonely. In the novel, Gatsby’s name eventually gets spread to the Buchanan’s, as seen in this quote, “Well, about six weeks ago, she heard the name Gatsby for the first time in years. It was when I asked you – do you remember? – if you knew Gatsby in West Egg. After you had gone home she came into my room and woke me up, and said: ‘What Gatsby?’” (chapter 4. Page 145), showing how famous he had become. His parties were becoming so well known across many social classes that many of the people at Gatsby’s parties weren 't even invited, they just showed up, as presented in the quote, “I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby 's house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. People were not invited they went there. They got into automobiles which bore them out to Long Island, and somehow they ended up at Gatsby 's door.” (pg 23 Ch 3). Fitzgerald was trying to say that there wasn 't that many people who showed up to these events who were real friends, as most of the people
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