The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a well-structured story that represents the decline of the American dream in the 1920’s. Not only does it tell about the facade between the east and west egg, but also the dreams and hope that are corrupted by the false idea of their own utopia. Not to mention the Valley of Ashes demonstrates the wasteland of America’s obsession and waste that shows the ugly consequence that occurred. As the green light vanished, the rusty billboard saw the interactions that took place throughout a land full of dust. Ultimately the symbols represent a life that was unattainable to reach which led to a tragedy in the end. The idea of moving west to seek fame and fortune was often a fantasy in the 1920’s. There were two parts, the west egg, and the east egg, Having the west egg illustrate “new money” and the east egg illustrating “old money”. With this in mind an egg indicates a false show of purity from the outside, but corrupt on the inside. Correspondingly, the east egg is an old aristocracy that posses grace and innocence who believed they were dominant to those around them. Even though the people of the east prove to be the complete opposite. In contrast, the west egg portrays a vulgar and flamboyant person, those who party and gained their status too quickly. Although this is true Gatsby has a sincere and loyal heart that cares for those around him. Leading to Gatsby’s newly claimed wealth by becoming a bootlegger and buying his mansion to impress the one he loves
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