The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Introduction Gatsby is the protagonist in the book named The Great Gatsby. He was born in a poor family but wants to be rich at a little age. He is the representative of American-dream chaser, just like any other American people who want to be wealthy by themselves. First, we should know something about the meaning of American dream. Second, I will describe how Gatsby achieve his dream in the book. Third, I will analyze the reason why Gatsby fail in the book. Then, follow my step to comprehend Gatsby’s American dream. American dream Every American believes that they can get rich and easy life through their hard working since 1776. American dream inspire people in America to create their value. From generalized view, it represents freedom, democracy and equality. From narrow view, it means people would make themselves to live the lives that they want by hardworking, originality and determination rather than depending on their social class and other’s help. American scholars commonly think that “the Declaration of Independence” is the foundation and root of American dream, the Statue of Liberty is the symbol. American legal institution offers the guarantee, people can do what they want to do in a relatively fair circumstance. Thomas Wolfe, a famous writer, explain American dream as, anyone, no matter what his lot, no matter his social status, no matter how excellent opportunity he has, he have the right to survival, work and be the man he wants to be by the innate and learned
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