Essay On The Great Gatsby

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Leonardo Dicaprio shares that “The truth is that I’ve always been fascinated with wealth in America. To me, it’s been about the American Dream and the corruption of that dream.” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby tells of…. The novel makes a naturalistic argument on how the American Dream is an elite meritocracy for the working upper class, where rags-to-riches fantasies ultimately deteriorate into ash. To illustrate this theory, we must look to the two Eggs that scrambled the morals of its populace to the point of boiling over. Beyond the bustling city, there are two “enormous eggs, identical in contour and separated only by a courtesy bay” (Fitzgerald 5). Each of the eggs represented completely different lifestyles. Nick lived…show more content…
Unless you strike it big and come into some money, like Gatsby, you may never be able to achieve so in your lifetime. The American Dream has far evolved since the time of Jay Gatsby. In the 1920’s , partying and spending reckless amounts of money in your gigantic mansion was a sign of tremendous success after the war. After the Great Depression, however, the American Dream took a different turn in social aspects. From the 1950’s and on through most of the rest of the 20th century, the American Dream was having a standard office job, living in a nice house, with a white picket fence, your housewife, your two kids, and maybe even a dog. That was what was determined to make you look and feel successful. Once again though, the image of success has changed with the turn of the 21st century to today. Today you are considered successful if you have a great job (both males and females) and are considered even more successful if you are some type of celebrity or social media personality. As in the Great Gatsby, no matter how hard you try to move up, sometimes it just isn 't meant to be for the average American chasing their dream. It is not to say that you shouldn 't reach for your dreams, but it is smart to be cautious and realistic while trying to make happen. Don 't allow your rags-to-riches fantasies crush your dreams in the
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