The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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To those who have only heard the story of Gatsby in passing, it may seem like its position as a classic great American novel was acquired due to its drama and grandiosity. Words of love shared between Daisy and Gatsby are posted on Tumblr in decorative fonts and parties are planned across the globe that hope to replicate the merriment of Gatsby’s with all the glamour and flair of the 20s. What these romantic interpreters of The Great Gatsby fail to see is that all of this is still merely the mask these characters wear. When you see past the cover of the book, The Great Gatsby is a satirical take on the romanticized life of the rich, with its content exposing the true nature of life behind a shroud of wealth. By highlighting every great thing Gatsby and company has or does, Fitzgerald is, in turn, highlighting the flaws of the upper class of society. The “American Dream” as we know it has changed drastically over time alongside our culture and our country’s growth, but the main idea has never changed: Build yourself up to be able to support yourself and your family. This is the dream Gatsby chased and the dream the people of America are still chasing today. With nothing but a basic level of understanding, Gatsby appears to be the definition of success. He’s a man who came from nothing and attained wealth, love, and prosperity by virtue of his own determination. Once you look deeper, though, none of these things are as they seem. Gatsby and Daisy’s “love story” is as
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