The American Dream Is A Achievable To Achieve The American Dream

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Growing up back then in America everyone dreamt about goals and ambitions. Nowadays everyone still has their minds set on their dreams they want to achieve. But the question that separates us from the past and the present, is it still possible to achieve the American Dream. As people believed it was easier to achieve such dream because costs were lower. In America, there are people who believe the American Dream is still attainable, there are also people that believe the American Dream can be attained only in certain situations, and there are people that do not believe it is achievable today. Believers of the American Dream in today 's society think it is the pursuit of happiness or specifically in the modern world, materialistic things, like cars and big houses. Attaining these valuable items is not necessarily achieving the American Dream, it is the thought and hard work that goes into achieving your personal enjoyment. No matter the dream, however small it may be, it could be your own reality.You 'll only know your living the american when you’re gaining success,gaining wealth,and having the pursuit of happiness. The belief of many citizens is that the American Dream is possible through money. Money is the root of the American Dream that everything is possible through money to achieve the American Dream. “MAMA: Now don’t you start, child. It’s to early in the morning to be talking about money. It ain’t Christian. RUTH: It’s just that he got his heart set on that store-

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