The American Dream Is Alive And Well Analysis

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The American Dream was created for all to be equal with the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A dream is a series of thoughts on possibilities one can attain, hence, only one can choose to believe in the American Dream and if it’s achievable. In particular, Steve Tobak’s article called The American Dream is Alive and Well focuses on the opportunity Americans have unlike others and that the dream is attainable by all who work for it. A book by John Winthrop called City Upon a Hill implies that all men are capable of anything if they put God first. The American dream should make life fuller for all, provide happiness, and lead every American to believe they can do anything. America is known as the land where anyone can fulfill their desires. Furthermore, Steve Tobak …show more content…

In the article called, How to Restore the American Dream by Fareed Zakaria, one realizes that this dream isn't as magical as it seems. “Americans get gloomy and then recover with the economy”(Zakaria). He demonstrated that we tend to live through money and not through our personal beliefs. Zakaria also mentions, “Americans had a sunny attitude towards life that was utterly refreshing.” Thereupon, Americans look appreciative, yet we take our dreams and freedom for granted. Another article called Envy and the American Dream by Nitin Nohria summarizes how no matter what Americans go through to have this extraordinary dream we will still stick together as a whole. Nohria directly states, “The American Dream is the country’s most important asset.” This quote proves that the dream of opportunities is what our country is known for. “We are beginning to show signs of focusing more on others than on ourselves” (Nohria). In sum, America is starting to focus more on what others think then on their own opinion. If ones center of attention is on others judgement, how are they supposed to set forth their

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