The American Dream Is An Obstacle Of Self Motivation

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The idea of the American Dream is a big one for people with big dreams . Though there may be some obstacles such as not having self motivation and not giving up even when things get rough , the American Dream can be accomplished . Brooke stated that there is a law made to prevent landlords and lenders from turning away tenants and homebuyers because of their color . This will help people in poverty get better education , better jobs , etc . Because of their living environments , these people are struggling in the environments that they live in which deals with lack of higher education , better housing etc . The quote reads “ But America could do better , Brooke believed . Federal laws could make it possible for black residents living in inner cities to move to areas with better…show more content…
‘ The answer is simply people don’t have self motivation . This has proven to be time and time again , that self motivation is an obstacle in accomplishing the American Dream . The obstacle of self motivation is dragged through people 's stories in articles . Self motivation is not only an important obstacle to overcome , but also having that determination and mindset where you don’t give up . The article tells a story of a Man that came from Germany with only a small suitcase which contained one change of clothes _____ . He came to America in hopes of starting an entrepreneurial business . He got a job as a draftsman in a surveying firm . When his firm bought a computer , nobody knew how to program it so he tried . He caught on quickly and soon had a job in a small Wall Street consulting firm where he built trading models .Around the 1970’s Peterffy saved money and founded a company that pioneered electronic stock trades . In the 1990s he began to concentrate on the sell side of the business which has a market cap of 14
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