The American Dream Is Dead

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The American Dream is dead and there is nothing anyone can do about it. There is not one single thing that helps people in America get back on their feet when they are struggling. The American Dream is dead for all who come here for a fresh start; people have to constantly work and struggle to keep a roof over their families head and food on the table. This is an argument by many, yet some factors that must be considered are the thinking of a person who wants to strive and their work ethic. The American Dream is only a possibility for those who are willing to work for what they want and not take good opportunities for granted. When a person has the mindset of doing good, no matter how they were born or where they were born, stereotypes or certain…show more content…
In the article “48 percent of Millennials think the American dream is dead. Here’s why” by Philip Bump he explains how hard work is a great determining factor as for success, although, “jobs are hard to come by,” the reason many believe the American dream is dead because “student loan debt, which continues to be a massive burden to recent college graduates. The second is waste stagnation.” Those who say the dream is dead due to loan debt, 42% are not or have never been enrolled in college, whereas, 58% of those with a college degree say the dream is alive. Those who do not have loan debt to pay for a higher education argue that debt is holding them back, yet if that money was not used for something to move them up, how can they even say something is dead if they did not work to rise? The mindset of people have a lot to do with the American dream and as for hard work, it’s something that has to be done because without it, nothing much is achievable. In an article “How to achieve the American Dream” by Suzanne Lucas she explains how “Some people pat themselves on the back when they do as little work as possible. While this provides temporary fun, it won 't help towards real success.” Working hard is something that can be done by anyone who really wants to say they succeeded, yet many do not want to work and still want to say the dream is dead when they simply, are not trying to make it alive for themselves. However, some people that work hard and have a strong mindset did move up, proving that the dream is alive if you
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