The American Dream Lives On Analysis

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Many immigrants came to this land of prosperity and the land of freedom to give their kids a better life and education. “ I brought you to this country now, do something with it.” (from the article The American Dream Lives On by Yasmina Shaush). I understood this quote because my parents also brought my siblings and myself to get a better education and I plan to do so, to make them proud. My parents didn't have the opportunities that we have. Both my parents had to quit school at a young age, they had to find a job and help my grandparents pay for bills. My mom wanted to have an education she wanted her diploma but she wasn't able to achieve that goal. To her and my father is important for us to get an education for us to finish high school and go to college because they want all their kids to have a better life and be able to support our children in the future. From day one when I started kindergarten my parents push me to do my best and I don't plan to let them down. I want to make my parents proud to let them know that their struggle to come here won't go to waist. That getting my education is one of my main priorities in life is to get a good education. And just like Audrey Olmos -Govea ( from an article we read) I want to go to college as the first generation of Llamas to be able to attend. Making them…show more content…
Getting and educational is like race when you want to give up you can't because you don't want to let your fans down; so what you do is push your hardest to complete the last 50 yards. For me my education is one of the longest races I have ever been in I push myself to complete and try to get straight A’s. And I want to finish this race because it's important no matter how hard it is or even how easy it looks. And knowing that my parents are on the sidelines supporting me and pushing me to complete
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