The American Dream Of Upward Mobility Analysis

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What exactly is the American Dream? Some some say it is based on wealth and prosperity while others say it is about equality and opportunity. The beauty of the Dream is that it is a mixture of both - and even more. The American Dream cannot be defined as one thing, as it differs from each individual. To me, the American Dream is about having the opportunity to serve what the heart calls to, despite where one comes from economically and/or geographically. James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream as have a, “better and richer and fuller [life] for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” I would agree. The Dream is about purpose - and having the opportunity to fulfill that purpose equitably. However, what…show more content…
James Truslow Adams stated in the epilog of The Epic of America that the dream is about a, “better and richer and fuller [life] for every man.” Money is essential to the comforts of American living, so it only seems necessary to dream of having an abundance of it. The irony is, that in the pursuit of wealth and economic stability, the risk of economic uncertainty is high. Mark Robert Rank’s Chasing the American Dream, states that “Mounting evidence indicates this economic insecurity has been on the rise, with growing number of middle and working-class Americans struggling to get by” (Source C). While this is true for some, many have also experienced significant economic gains in the past decades. Still, the dream has to be focused on something more than money - it has to have a purpose and intention greater than materialism. Money does not equal fulfillment. You do not make money then find purpose - you have a purpose and then work to make money. It is risky business, but if you find support, learn from your mistakes, and educate yourself best you can, it will make all the difference. Dreams are important, valid, and always worth pursuing no matter what. Jim Cullen states in The American Dream that, “And yet, in spite the risks and struggles,…show more content…
This dream is one of many people (American or not) today. According to John Kenneth White and Sandra L. Hanson in their work The American Dream in the 21st Century, “79 percent said it meant [The American Dream] owning a home,” (Source C). Owning a home often means that you have “made it” and that you have gotten to a place in your career in which settling down is available. With a staggering 79 percent striving toward owning a home, and 62.1 percent owning a home, the chances of success are high. John Kenneth White and Sandra L. Hanson also stated that CBS and the New York Times asked, ‘“Do you think that people who may never own a home miss out on an important part of the American Dream?’ Not surprisingly, 76 percent said ‘yes.’” However, I disagree with that claim. While I believing that owning a house can greatly benefit one’s quality of living, I believe there is more to the American Dream than materialism. Yet, if owning a home brings you the most security, with odds well over than 50 percent, it is definitely worth
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