The American Dream

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The American dream to immigrants is the will to succeed in the United States. For many immigrants who arrived between 1880 and 1920 that dream was simply such as transportation, housing, health services, and work. Today the laws have changed, it is almost impossible to become a citizen or even obtain a work permit. Thousands of Mexicans take a long road to the United States every day in search of the American dream, many of them reach the other side, but many others remain halfway. They have the will to defeat any obstacles to give their families a better life. DACA candidates should have a pathway to a citizenship, but it should not stop there, having DACA does not guarantee a future for candidates, if parents are deported and the DACA candidates are underage they will have no other choice then to leave the country with parents. Parents should also have a pathway to a residence or a permit that allows them to be here with their loved ones.
Immigrants come to this country because they need to look for better opportunities to offer their families something that the Government of Mexico does not offer and escape the corruption and violence of Mexico, which these past years have seen more violence than ever in the past. ¨Corruption is a significant risk for companies operating in Mexico. Bribery is widespread in the country 's judiciary and police, and business registration processes, including getting construction permits and licenses, are negatively influenced by
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