The American Dream To Immigrants

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The American dream to immigrants is the will to succeed in the United States. For many immigrants who arrived between 1880 and 1920 that dream was simply such as transportation, housing, health services, and work. Today the laws have changed, it is almost impossible to become a citizen or even obtain a work permit. Thousands of Mexicans take a long road to the United States every day in search of the American dream, many of them reach the other side, but many others remain halfway. They have the will to defeat any obstacles to give their families a better life. DACA candidates should have a pathway to a citizenship, but it should not stop there, having DACA does not guarantee a future for candidates, if parents are deported and the DACA…show more content…
¨Roughly half a million U.S. citizen children experienced the apprehension, detention, and deportation of at least one parent between 2011 and 2013, based on estimates using Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data¨(¨U.S. Citizen Children¨). There have also been cases where the candidate of DACA has to leave the country and leave with their parents for not having a minimum age to be in this country and fend for himself. “A 2013 report found that 150,000 children had been separated from one or both parents as a result of US immigration policy. The same report found that children who experience the loss of a parent also suffer from poverty, reduced access to food and health care, and limited educational opportunities” (“Impact on Families”). There is no point of children getting permits if parents will be getting deported, children underage cannot care for themselves. So much effort and sacrifice to only lose it in a few minutes. Immigrants would not migrate to the United States, but they decide to take the risk regardless of the deportation and obstacles. The children live every day in fear that they will not see their parents again. For these immigrants, nothing is safe; they live day to day with the fear of being deported and not being able to say their goodbyes to their…show more content…
This country was and is built by immigrants. Many start their own jobs that promote new jobs for themselves and the Americans. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, “under the 2010 Housed-passed version of the DREAM Act, the federal deficit would be reduced by $2.2 billion over ten years because of increased tax revenues” (Furman). Immigrants do not mind paying a certain amount of money to be here, but if illegals are paying like any other citizen, why not give permission to let us work in this country legally and if not why are they forced to pay taxes. If the government gave a permit that would allow immigrant parents to stay in this country, the economy would rise, many would be buying expensive business, houses, land and we would pay more than we already pay in taxes. ¨Undocumented immigrants pay $12 billion of taxes every single year¨ (Kumar). Every year immigrants are required to pay tax, more money would be earned and benefit the country. This is another reason the united states should pass a law that would give immigrants a permit, “DACA contribute $2 billion a year in taxes”(TOTIYAPUNGPRASERT). This being said, immigrants would provide the united states with more employment more opportunities not only for the immigrants but also for the citizens. A new reform would benefit not only the immigrants but also the economy and citizens of the United
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