The American Dream Is Alive Research Paper

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The American Dream Is Achievable And Is Alive To begin with, for majority of the people it is an idea that every U.S citizen should have an equal opportunity to succeed and achieve through positive outcome such as hard work, determination, and initiative. What it means to me is everybody flourishing on the dreams they have in mind and living the life they want. For instance, the author, Adam Shepard, of the book “Scratch Beginning” had succeed on the american dream through positive outcomes when facing many adversity such as living in poverty. On the other hand, there are those who do not believe the american dream is achievable. Others would say it is not achievable when achieving the american dream because of laziness, unfairness of…show more content…
Daniel J. Mitchell, the author of “The American Dream Is Alive” wrote “ The American Dream exists all across the country, from the small businesses in every town to the energy entrepreneurs that have created so many jobs...”( 4). It confirms my belief because the authors saying how there are plenty of chances in the world for everyone to succeed on the goal they have in mind. On the contrary, those who believe the dream is not alive would say that the opportunities people encounter may not like it or choose not to pursue on a different opportunity and may not be able to pursue it. J.D Vance wrote “ … manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and middle-class jobs are harder to come by for people without college degree”(14). On the contrary, despite others not liking the opportunities that has been given or may not be able to pursue it , it can benefit them and those around them. For example, Adam Shepard wrote “But I perked up when she began to detail the wide variety of resources that Crisis Ministries had to offer”(p.32) . When getting opportunities there could be resources that can benefit. This is my third reason people can achieve the american
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