The American Dream

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The American Dream, Myth or Reality? The United States of America, the land of opportunities. When the Vikings discovered America during the tenth century, they didn’t stay for long. The natives who lived there weren’t willing to share their country, so the Vikings left. Some centuries later, in the late fifteenth century, Christopher Columbus discovered America, and this was the first visit of lasting importance. When the first settlers moved to America, they had to do everything by themselves. Being able to work hard, and being self-sufficient early became important American values, and still is today. The American Dream is an ideal created by the settlers who wanted more people to move to America. Everyone who moved there would be given a chance to live a great life, and because new settlers would be given 164 acres of land, a mass movement of people started, mostly from Europe. The American Dream is mostly about that everyone has the same chances of freedom, prosperity and success. You should be able to have social upward mobility, and your social class or the circumstances of your birth are irrelevant. But is the American Dream still applicable to the US today? When the idea of the American Dream was born, everyone believed in it, and maybe that was what made it possible. A bit of a hypocritical situation was that when everybody believed in the freedom of the people, this only applied to white people. The people of other cultures, those who did not look European,
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