The American Dream Place To Me Analysis

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The American dream is usually a term used by immigrants that are seeking a better life from America. America looks to be the dream place to live from people in other countries who suffer in their homeland. Immigrants believe that the American dream will free them from their problems, that they can come here and support their families and be treated better. But is America really the dream place to be? Do we really treat the people that come here to seek out the American dream fair? Immigrants come here and fight for jobs working hard and long days. Usually getting paid not so fair wages. People discriminate and undermine them because of their race, and where they come from. We intentionally rob them from health care benefits leading them and their family to be unhealthy with more medical conditions. “Although America strives to portray itself as a country of opportunity that can transform citizen’s lives, it is actually no different in terms of social mobility than anywhere else.” (Clark). Also, just as Authors Tan and Anzaldúa talk about how much they were beaten down, and not able to show who they really were because how afraid they were of what Americans would say about them. Why does it really matter what color are skin is? Or where we are from to justify us as a good human being, or…show more content…
To walk into a high-end clothing store and not be looked at or followed around because I don’t “look” like I could not afford it. For a female to do a man’s job and not be sold short, or shot down that a woman can’t take a man’s place. I believe the American dream is sold short with all the resources and money we have. Why is the American dream just a dream and not reality? The American dream should be giving education to those that need it. Letting everyone attend college free of charge. Providing jobs to the ones who did their time and went through
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