The American Dream: The American Dream

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America can be defined in many ways- Home of the free, Land of the brave, the Land of opportunity. As a nation, America has illustrated resiliency through hardships, as well as the importance of a great deal in effort. Although, is the american dream achievable for all or simply just a dream? Here is the truth about our nation: the presence of opportunities may influence an individual 's hope for the future, but the overall culture of a family or community affects the extent to which an individual takes advantage of the opportunities given. I believe everyone has a chance at achieving opportunities, despite the differences of each and every environment. Whether an individual is born in America or coming from another country, the significance of hard work will take people further than many believe. Introduced by J.D. Vance, he explains the effects of low social mobility, although he emphasizes the power of positive influence that can lead to a stronger work ethic and more so, success of the american lifestyle. As equal opportunity is set in America, it is a matter of who is ready to find those opportunities. The American dream is alive and well, but only a possibility for those who are willing to. The american dream manifests the power of hard work. Many may see it as cliche, but it is a valid point that society overlooks- that people who are motivated and driven will always find a way to achieve their goals. Marie Curie, who conducted in pioneering research on
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