The Importance Of The American Dream In America

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America can be defined in many ways- Home of the free, Land of the brave, the Land of opportunity. As a nation, America has illustrated resiliency through hardships, as well as the importance of a great deal in effort. Although, is the american dream achievable for all or simply just a dream? Here is the truth about our nation: the presence of opportunities may influence an individual 's hope for the future, but the overall culture of a family or community affects the extent to which an individual takes advantage of the opportunities given. I believe everyone has a chance at achieving opportunities, despite the differences of each and every environment. Whether an individual is born in America or coming from another country, the significance…show more content…
However, overtime, America’s attitude toward the American Dream has changed, which is hindering success. We can all agree that wanting to be successful while having a hopeless mindset contradicts the purpose of hard work. Many Americans are pessimistic, carrying negative mindsets that make it harder for them to achieve greater things. Based on an article “Is the American dream really dead?”, Carol Graham found that “poor people in the US were 20 times less likely to believe hard work would get them ahead than were the poor in Latin America, even though the latter are significantly worse off in material terms”. These people live in poorer conditions and come from a country that grants them less opportunities. If these citizens are proven to be more optimistic than Americans, it is clear that there is an issue with how we view the world. In America, many individuals stress more about the gap between the rich and poor; who has it all and who doesn’t. Graham continues to state that “being poor in a very wealthy and unequal country-which eschews social support for those who fall behind- results in especially high levels of stress and desperation”. As someone is struggling to keep up with society’s expectations along with many other struggles, it may be difficult to remain positive. But if Americans focus and aim toward the right things, this…show more content…
On the road toward the american dream, there will be ups and downs, which is why having a positive influence and guidance is a major foundation for success. In an article written by Jim Demint, “America, though challenged, still the land of opportunity”, he describes the lessons he has learned through his early life experiences, coming from a struggling family. Demint states that “while we pulled our weight, the more we did, the more we felt we could do and more confidence we gained”. Growing up in a single parent household, his mother showed him the importance of hard work and personal responsibility, which opened up more opportunities in the long run. Many people believe that certain living environments do not provide support or the ability to excel further in life, but what they do not realize is that guidance can be given; a positive model to look up to will always be found. It is not a matter of where you are placed on the social ladder or where you are from, but who is willing to seek guidance. Raised in Southern Ohio, J.D. Vance emphasizes the struggle of young individuals who live in tough communities and the lack of upward mobility. Vance explains in his TED Talk, “America’s forgotten working class”, that his grandmother made a big impact on his success, reminding him to “never be like those losers who think the deck is stacked against them. You can do anything you want to”. It is important to find someone who is

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