The American Dream: The Concept Of The American Dream

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How the American Dream is… The American Dream is the idea of aiming towards the ultimate rate of success, freedom, mobility, and social class. The concept of the dream is to have a life filled with opportunity for everyone living. It is the epitome of a perfect world, where everyone is satisfied regardless of their circumstances. The notion of the American dream changed drastically throughout the years. These changes happened due to events that have changed the American citizen’s priorities and wishes. Changes included; World War 2 and The Great Depression After the concept of the American Dream was made, people started to have a sense of freedom where everyone around has equal rights. This made the people believe that with their hard work they can achieve the impossible. Consequently, this led to the competitive behaviour and superficiality. This concept was carried on until the Great Depression and World War 2. Franklin D. Roosevelt was president at that time, he changed the understanding of what the American Dream really is. His New Deal policy was one of the leading causes of the change in the Concept of the American Dream in the 1950s. After the New Deal policy, FDR gave hope to the Americans about being able to grow back to an even stronger nation.…show more content…
The song was based around the idea that the environment is a materialistic and shallow place to live in. The lyrics were the singer questioning herself and her actions. Her original music video sparked a large number of political controversy. It showed clips of war and it had some message sent out to past president George W. Bush. It was then taken down, and the second music video is her in an army uniform with the background of changing flags. Set aside the singer critiquing modern society, it hit high ranking lists in countries such as Italy, Germany, and Canada. It also resulted in a lot of hate and insult. It was also ranked as the worst pop
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