The American Dream: The Corruption Of The American Dream

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Corruption of the American Dream A Dream once existed or maybe still does exist, called the American dream. It is, A dream of hope that disillusions, A dream of abundance that deprives, A dream of wealth that impoverishes, A dream of youth that fades, A dream of love that wanes, And a dream of betterment that degrades. Yes, it is this very ambiguous dream that the world thrives on, To seek ultimate happiness. The American Dream, as the oxford dictionary defines is “The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.” It is often understood as a phrase implying hope for prosperity and happiness. The origin of this dream can be traced back to James Truslow’s Epic of America (1931) where he described America as the land in which life was better, richer and fuller for everyone. According to him, the dream was not only limited to materialistic gains but extended to the establishment of a social order. The dream can actually be considered as the manifestation of America itself since it is found to be based on the principles of the American Declaration of Independence, namely liberty, equality and pursuit of happiness. Ownby in his book American Dreams in Mississippi (1999) disintegrated different versions of American Dream into four man ideas: 1) Dream of abundance with unlimited resources and material goods. 2) Democracy of goods wherein everyone as consumers had an equal claim to possess a
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