The American Dream: The Preposterous American Dream

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The Preposterous American Dream

Employers in our country today are extremely deranged for trying to make their employees live up to this preposterous thing referred to as the american dream. The American Dream is hard for low wage workers to achieve because of the way that employers treat them, other people treat them and they can not support themselves off of their income alone. This so called “American Dream” is the ideal that every United States citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. The American Dream is not humanly possible for low wage workers to achieve off of one job alone. To change this inhuman idea of the american dream everyone should try
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One low wage job is just not enough for someone to support himself let alone a whole family. For example, someone could not make enough money monthly, let alone annually, as a waiter or waitress to support a family of 2. “The room itself, just down the hall from the “kitchen”, is half the size of my little outpost in Motel 6 and contains two unmade twin beds, a two-drawer chest, a couple of lightbulbs on the ceiling and nothing else” (Ehrenreich). Ehrenreich is showing the readers in this sentence what it is really like to try to find housing as a low wage worker. It is just to near to impossible to try and afford decent living conditions as a low wage worker in America. It is also hard on the children of families working in low wage jobs it affects them all around and then they can end up stuck in the the same situation as their parents. This is part of the reason why employers of low wage jobs do not have any trouble finding employees. “ In fact, there is evidence that low-wage jobs can cause harm to young people’s health, education, and overall development. (Dodson page 5). It is very hard for young adults or even children for that matter to not follow in the parents footsteps because parent's decisions affect their
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