Abraham Lincoln's Role In The Civil War

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RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT FOR MILITARY HISTORY 114: THE AMERICAN MILITARY SYSTEM (UNION DURING THE CIVIL WAR) Appendix A: Bibliography INTRODUCTION 1. One could define the term Military System as “an assemblage or combination of things that belongs or relates to the establishment of a nation and here armed forces”. 2. The development and integration of the Military System, by Abraham Lincoln, played a major role in winning the war for the Union during the Civil War. The introduction of the Chief-of-Staff and General-in-chief of the Amy resulted in an efficient method in practice for command and control of the Union Forces[1:218]. BACKGROUND 3. The American Civil War (The Civil War), which began on 12 April 1861, was fought between the Union States (Northern states) and the Confederacy (Southern States). The…show more content…
There were 5 main causes which contributed to the civil war [3]: a. Economic and social differences between the North and the South. b. States versus federal rights. c. The fight between Slave and Non-Slave State Proponents. d. Growth of the Abolition Movement. e. The election of Abraham Lincoln. 5. The Civil War was a war of many firsts. Americas first income tax, battles between iron clad ships, the use of black soldiers and most notably Americas first military draft [2] were many of the social and technological advancements and changes which took place during the war. On the military front there were advances in medical treatment, military tactics, the chaplain service, and weapons used during the war [1:219]. 6. It is believed that the official date for the end of the war 9 April 1865 when General Robert E Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia at the McLean House [2]. AIM 7. The aim of this staff paper show the development and utilisation of the American Military System during the Civil War which was implemented by the Union Forces. SCOPE 8. The paper will cover the following areas: a. Make-up of the Union
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