The American Pageant Chapter 4 Apush

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1. Quakers- Quakers condemned extravagance. They were prosecuted in England because they refused to serve in the military or pay taxes. Quakers tried to rectory Christianity. Buy they did not support the Puritans Calvinist doctrines. 2. Navigational Act- In 1560 the English government tried to keep the colonists trade in the English hands, along with manufacturing and foreign trade. By keeping control of the trade it increased their economic benefits. They wanted agricultural goods and raw materials to be carried to English ports in English vessel. In 1651 The English required the goods to be carried on ships owned by English or Colonial merchants. 3. Dominion of New England- In 1686 Connecticut and Rhode Island and merged them with Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth to form the royal province the Dominion of New England. 2 years later New York and New Jersey were added to the colony. Which then created a huge colony that went from Maine to Pennsylvania. Soon King James was overthrow which allowed Massachusetts and New York to…show more content…
Constitutional Monarchy- The Glorious Revolution of 1688- 1989 Began a new era of politics between England and its American colonies. In England the Queen and King ruled it as a constitutional monarchs, they promoted and empire based on commerce. Also it was a monarchy that was limited in its rue by a constitution. 5. South Atlantic System- The South Atlantic System produced sugar, Tabaco, rice, other tropical and subtropical products for markets. These plantations were ruled by European planter merchants that were worked by enslaved Africans. 6. Middle Passage- After the first passage of slavery the next passage is middle passage. Middle passage is when the new slave coming to the new world would be on highly crowded ships. They had little to drink or eat. Some died from dehydration. The bad smells caused in outbreak in dysentery which took lives. Some slaves jumped overboard then suffering. Others staged violent shipboard
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