The American Revolution: An Ideological Revolution

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The American Revolution encompassed three different types of wars during each phase. In the beginning, it was a colonial war for independence, while later it turned into a civil war, and by the end it was an ideological revolution. The start of the war began as a colonial war for independence. The American Revolution eventually started as a result of hostile relations between America and Britain, and there was an us-vs-them mentality. This inspired colonists to want to break away from Britain and become their own country. However as the war progressed it became a civil war because colonists divided between loyalists and patriots and fought almost themselves. This was the result of colonists disagreeing on the decision to cut ties with Britain, since many colonists thrived off of economic ties to them. As the war ended it became an ideological revolution. Colonists inspired by Enlightenment thinkers fought for these ideas and by the end of the war they were focused on forming a new government. The revolutionary ideas of the war did not begin to take place until the end of the war when America started winning and was recognized as sovereign by other nations. Overall, by the time the war ended was considered to be revolutionary. It is…show more content…
What Americans really wanted was for life to be how it was before the British intervened after the French and Indian War. They were not fighting for entirely new ideas, they were fighting to go back to how they used to be. In theory, America was dependent on Britain long before the French and Indian War. However in practice, they did not follow laws such as the Navigation Acts and felt that they were sovereign. So when the American Revolution was started, Americans fought for Independence from Britain, which they though would return their country back to how it used to be since they thought they were sovereign and Britain had taken it way from
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