How Did Porfirio Trek Cause The Mexican Revolution

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Porfirio Díaz was the President of Mexico from 1877 to 1911, for more than thirty-five years. He played a significant role in bringing about the Mexican Revolution. Díaz established a strong centralized government, and throughout his presidency he controlled everything as an absolute ruler. During his reign, which was one of Mexico 's longest lasting and most stable in terms of politics, he completely repressed and eliminated opposition through governing by his own rule with an iron fist. Even though Díaz is considered as one of the most prominent dictators of Mexico, he left a strong print in the history of Mexico while laying the foundations that made the current country. As a matter of fact, not only Díaz brought political stability to Mexico, but he also stabilized its economy while bringing about modernization. However, he has been frequently criticized because he suppressed liberties and distributed unevenly wealth. Diaz’s dictatorial political system together with the capitalist economic transformation he introduced in the countryside were two important factors in causing the Mexican Revolution. Porfirio Díaz’s life was full of action and glory. He was born a mestizo of humble origins in Oaxaca, the capital of Mexico, in 1830. His father died when he was only three years old, leaving the family in economic hardship. His mother struggled to raise eight children on her own. However, despite the financial difficulties, she realized the importance
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