The American Revolution: The Causes Of The American Revolution

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One of the most violent and unforgettable event that happened during the 1700s was the American Revolution. The American Revolution happened from 1776 to 1783. This powerful happened between the British and the American colonists because of many causes. One of the main cause is because the colonists wanted independence from Britain. All the fighting was between the 13 colonies. The Redcoats was the soldiers from Britain that fought in the war. The Patriots fought for the colonists. General Washington, the American Commander in Chief, controlled the Continental Army. During the war, many people sacrificed. These people include 1,700 soldiers, who died of diseases, 25,000 soldiers, who died of injuries, or wounds, and more. There are abounding…show more content…
The Stamp Act was passed on March 22, 1765 by the British Parliament. Nonetheless, this act was put to effect on November 1, 1765. It taxed the colonists for every paper goods that they bought. These includes paper, legal documents, licenses, newspapers, even playing cards. This act was also used to raise money, like the Sugar Act. However, unlike the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act raised money to protect the American frontier, near the Appalachian Mountains. Ten thousand troops were there to protect the frontier. The tax that the colonists paid was much smaller than the amount of money needed. The Stamp Act was a direct tax to the colonists. Previously, the tax that the colonists were taxed was not for raising money but, to control the selling and buying goods. The colonists thought that there could be much more trouble dealing with taxation because the Stamp Act was not confirmed by the legislature. The colonists argued about the Stamp Act, so the colonies formed an organization called the Stamp Act Congress, they met on the October of 1765 in New York City. Only nine out of twenty seven delegates met. They created a document called “The Declaration of Rights and Grievances”. This document was known to be the first action that the colonists took to stand up to the British. This document stated, “As subjects of the British king, had the same rights as British subjects living in Britain. Only the colonial assemblies had a right to tax the colonies.” The Stamp Act caused the arrangement of the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty was a group that was organized in the Thirteen American Colonies. They were mostly shopkeepers and artisans that met during the summer of 1765 in Boston. They kept calling themselves the Loyal Nine, but soon changed into the Sons of Liberty. Their goal was to protect the rights of their colonists and to fight off the tax that the British required them to give. They played a
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