Midterm Essay: The American Revolutionary War

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Yesenia Malacara
HIST 270
Professor Reynoso
11 March 2018
Midterm essay: American Revolution
The American Revolutionary War is a monumental event that shaped our world and who we are today. It’s an ongoing argument by scholars on when this war got triggered, was it the Great Awakening or was it events in 1760 to 1770 that started it all? The war that brought the Americans to demand their independence. I believe, the crucial event that lead to the American Revolutionary War was the Seven Year’s War and the debt it acquired and how King George decided to repay that debt.
On July 1755, a combined force of French and Indians attacked British troops and defeated the British general Edward Baddock and his surviving soldiers were deprived of
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All the taxes that were brought upon the colonist changed the way they saw the King. If things would have been handled a little bit different after the French and Indian war maybe none of this would have started. The American revolution would have never happened but due to these events and maybe even other factors, the American Revolution came to be. In my opinion, if King George III would have asked the colonist for their opinion on taxes or even found a different way to get out of debt from the war then none of these events would have led to the American Revolution. It is all about communication with your people you cannot expect the colonist to be happy about their invasion of privacy by having British troops all over the place watching their every move. Being controlled from overseas is not exactly what the colonist had in mind when they moved to the Americas to create a new life. The Boston Massacre could have been avoided if King George III did not enforce these taxes on the colonists and would have thought of another way to pay for all the money lost in the war the Americans probably would not have declared their
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