Global Significance Of The American Struggle For Independence Essay

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1. Patrick Henry proclaimed that he was not a Virginian, but rather an American. What unified the colonists and what divided them at the time of the revolution. - The colonists were unified because they did not want to continue under the rule of Britain. They all wanted freedom, equal rights, and respect. When the British began to tax the colonist, they became extremely upset and enraged, and because of this the revolution began. The colonists were unified, but also divided. Many of them were fearful for their independence because it would cause problems and turmoil with the new country. They were also divided because imported printing goods were being taxed. The stamp Act also caused a great division between the colonies. 2. Discuss the ramifications of using slaves in British and Continental armies. Why did the British authorize the use of slaves? Why did the…show more content…
He believed that since they were not working with England to obtain resolution, the Continental Congress was not working on behalf of the colonies. Seabury also disliked policies that prevented trade with Britain, he believed that they caused even more tensions and affected the colonists negatively. 2. What does Paine see as the global significance of the American struggle for independence? - Thomas Paine wanted the colonies to receive their freedom from the British. Paine stated that when the colonies finally succeed in obtaining their freedom from Britain, America would benefit from trade with other countries. However, obtaining freedom would be difficult because many countries did not want freedom for the colonies. Many countries in Europe wanted to get a piece of America for themselves. The global significance of the American struggle for independence was human rights and freedom. 3. How did the two writers differ in their view of the main threats to American
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